Frequently Asked Questions About OSHA-600

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to sponsor an On Site course for my organization? A: All you need is a training room and basic audio-visual equipment. We provide the balance. Request A Quote from OSHA Training On Site or call us to find out how easy it is.
Q: I’ve never planned one of these before. Can you help me? A: Yes. Whether you are a seasoned planner or new to the job we can help you, from finding a location to assistance with the marketing. We want you to succeed.
Q: How much lead-time do you need to set up a course? A: While 30 days is preferred, if you need a course sooner, we can respond quickly, call us now.
Q: What’s the minimum number of students? A: To be cost effective most courses should have at least 15 attendees. The more students, the lower the per student cost.
Q: What topics do you cover? A: Check out our Course List. If you don’t see what you need there, call us for a free needs assessment and we will create a course specifically for you.
Q: Are these US Department of Labor OSHA Training Institute Courses? A: Yes, all the courses preceded by OSHA # (as in OSHA #500) are US Department of Labor OSHA Training Institute courses offered under agreement with the OSHA Region VIII and IX Education Center. We also offer other courses from recognized quality providers.
Q: I’d like to set up a course for my organization. How do I start? A: Give us a call, e-mail us or Request A Quote from OSHA Training On Site. We can help you choose a course, set a date, and walk you through the process.
Q: How can you help us keep the cost of training down? A: Travel and accommodations account for 50 to 60 percent of sending your employees away from their home base for training. It costs less to send one or two instructors and the course materials to your site than to pay the travel costs for 20 people. And it’s less disruptive to their work schedules and home life. We will work with you to make the training fit your needs and budget.
Q: I don’t see the course my people need on your list. Can you help me create a course for the exposures my people face? A: Yes. We have experience in delivering custom courses, and can create one “from the ground up”. One example is a combination 500/510 course presented at a wafer fabrication construction site in Israel.
Q: I can’t shut my plant down to offer training. Can you work around our shift schedule? A: Yes, and we often do. Courses are frequently presented on the weekends and evenings. We teach what you want, when and where you want it.
Q: I’d like to present OSHA courses in my area but I don’t have enough people in my organization…can you help me fill the class? A: Call us, we may be able to combine your training needs with another organization’s and save you both time and money.
Q: I have only one or a few people, how can I/we enroll in a course you are offering? A: Most courses are open to enrollment through the sponsoring organization. Check the listings in Upcoming Courses and contact the sponsor. Or call us. We may have just scheduled a course that hasn’t been posted on our web page.
Q: How can I raise money for my Professional Association by presenting OSHA Training On Site Courses? A: Besides being of great educational value to your membership, high quality OSHA training saves time and money for your members while generating funds for your association. After the initial investment is covered (often with as few as 15 students) a portion of the funds raised go into your association’s revenue stream. You might use it to fund a scholarship or buy presentation equipment for your seminars. The courses also can increase your membership by exposing your association to potential members.
Q: What is the difference between OSHA #500 and OSHA #501? A: Both will provide you with a wallet card and certificate of completion that authorize you as an OSHA Outreach Program Trainer. OSHA #500 is for the construction industry and covers the standards in CFR 1926. OSHA #501 is for general industry and covers the standards in CFR 1910.
Q: Why do federal agency employees need OSHA #600? A: OSHA’s CFR 1960.59 requires that federal employees who are appointed to perform collateral duty safety responsibilities must be trained within six months of their appointment. CFR 1960 also mandates training for top executives, supervisors, safety professionals and safety committee members.